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Apprentice Scheme

The All Souls Apprentice scheme has been developed to provide a more intensive training in gospel ministry for those showing leadership potential. It combines Biblical and theological training with hands-on ministry experience alongside a member of the staff team in a particular sphere of church life.

The Main Components of the Scheme

  • Formal study: Weekly training days focus on studying and teaching the Bible, understanding and applying Christian doctrine and discussing practical ministry issues. Each apprentice also chooses a personal project to work on during the year. A national conference and a study week are included.
  • Ministry experience: On-the-job experience working primarily within one of the church ministries. Opportunities to study the Bible with others and share in the responsibilities of running a ministry.
  • Practical service: Some basic set-up responsibilities to serve the church family.
  • Mentored supervision: Regular mentoring with a member of staff.
  • Spiritual formation: Regular input into the spiritual life and growth of each apprentice.

Characteristics of the Scheme

  • One or two years: September to mid-July (children and youth apprenticeships end in mid-August)
  • Full or part time: If part-time, a maximum of 2 days outside of All Souls is feasible (in addition to one day off)
  • Self-funding: An up-to-£6,000 grant is available
  • Small group
The scheme is designed for those who are growing in Christian maturity and already involved in serving in their local church or CU. An apprentice must have some proven ministry experience (e.g. leading a small Bible Study group), be recognised as having potential for future leadership and gospel ministry. Applicants are equally welcome from those currently attending other churches as well as All Souls members.
For further discussion

Contact Melinda Hendry  melinda.hendry@allsouls.org

Further details Apprentice Information Sheet
Application form
Applications Applications for the 2018-19 apprentice year are due in by 29 January 2018 to be considered in the first round. The application form can be downloaded from link above. 

For more information please contact Melinda Hendry.

Following the receipt of application forms and references, short-listed candidates will be invited to an interview.
Apprentice year  Starts: September 2018
Ends: mid-July 2019 (children and youth apprenticeships end in August)

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