Ergon Fellowship

Equipping workplace disciples to realise a deeper biblical understanding of their paid work


Equipping Workplace Disciples

The Ergon* Fellowship is a ten month programme designed to equip workplace disciples. The aim is to establish a small Christ-centred community whose understanding of God's word and mission for those in paid employment will transform their experience and impact as kingdom professionals.

*Ergon – from the Greek for ‘work’ or ‘worker’

What to Expect

As an Ergon Fellow you will be guided through the Bible alongside sessions on how we respond faithfully to issues like ambition, relating to our colleagues, workplace culture, rest and what is our calling.

Monthly Fellowship Meetings

We meet monthly on a Sunday afternoon as a whole group to receive teaching and training. It is also an important time of community and prayer.

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Peer Discipleship

Dividing into pairs or triplets gives you the opportunity to take the monthly teaching and discussion further as well as developing close, accountable and supportive friendships.


Everyone will be assigned a mentor to help develop and deepen your discipleship in and through work. It may be one of the course leaders, a member of the ministry team or a mature member of the church family.

Special Assignments

In addition to regular monthly meetings there are also two 24-hour retreats in central London and a series of Friday night meetings. These give the chance to meet guests who share their wisdom on work and faith.

Take a look at an example schedule.

Dig Deeper

Linked to each month’s topics is some assigned reading, listening or viewing to deepen your understanding. This is also an end of year assignment, drawing together what you have learnt, discussed, reflected on and prayed about during the year.

Dedicated Resources

The Ergon Fellowship is a unique programme, utilising its own resources as well as drawing on the best of other materials that enrich our understanding of work and faith.


A very important part of the Ergon Fellowship is the community we build over the ten months of the programme. This is a safe supportive place to discuss, explore, challenge and encourage one another as we seek to fulfil God’s calling of us.

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Video: About the Ergon Fellowship

Find out what the Ergon Fellowship is all about, get an insight into what you’ll learn and hear from course leaders and past Ergon Fellows.

Alice Hutchinson and Ross Hendry

Ergon Fellowship Leaders

Alice and Ross are both All Souls members with a wealth of experience of ministry in the workplace. Alice works as an actuary at a global life insurance company while Ross is CEO of Spurgeon’s Childrens Charity.


Ministry Training

If you are interested in a full-time training programme or are considering entering paid Christian ministry then you might be interested in the Ministry Training Scheme. It combines theological training with hands-on ministry experience and gives trainees an extensive, in-depth experience of church life and ministry.