Pastoral Support and Counselling

Supporting the church family through all stages of life.

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Supporting the All Souls family

Providing help and support for each individual member of the church family is incredibly important at All Souls. Our ministry team are available to provide pastoral support and the counselling service is another integrated part of All Souls’ pastoral care approach.


Pastoral Support

Everyone faces times in their lives when they feel unable to cope with the difficulties of life. There are various ways to access support in church for those who are struggling in their day to day lives.

Prayer Ministry

Prayer ministry is available after all Sunday services. A team of trusted members of the congregation are available to pray with anyone who would love prayer. Do look out for the team who will have name badges on – they meet under the gallery in the main church.

Life Groups

We’d love everyone in the church family to be in a Life Group. We believe in a big church that this is the primary place where we get to know each other and show love and support. If you are facing a particularly difficult time, please speak to your Life Group leader as they can help you think through other options you may like to consider.

Pastoral Care Team

We have a team of trusted individuals with experience of helping others through difficult times. One of the ministry team will be able to discuss whether this might be suitable.

Visiting Team

The visiting team is available to visit those who are elderly or housebound and unable to regularly attend church anymore. If you or someone you know would appreciate being visited semi regularly, please fill in this form to request a visit and someone will get in touch with you.

Ruth Lewis and Stacey Hughes, Pastoral Care Ministers at All Souls Langham Place
Ruth Lewis and Stacey Hughes

Ministers - Pastoral Care

Ruth and Stacey help to coordinate our pastoral care and visiting ministry at All Souls. If you or someone you know would benefit from this please get in contact.

Counselling Service

Counselling provides you with an opportunity to present issues that are causing you concern, difficult or distress, to someone who is trained and experienced in providing help. The All Souls Counselling Service offers professional, biblically-based Christian counselling to members of All Souls Church and affiliated congregations.

Everyone receiving counselling is asked to make a financial contribution but we will not let financial difficulty prevent access to skilled help.

Joanna Jackson, Director of Counselling at All Souls Langham Place
Joanna Jackson

Director of Counselling

Joanna leads the All Souls Counselling team, a group of trained and supervised counsellors who offer time and space to explore issues with anyone seeking to find help and support with difficulties and distress.

If you are interested in receiving counselling or would like more information, please get in contact.

Quiet Days

Quiet days and the quiet weekend are organised throughout the year. These times offer a place for individuals to come away from the busyness of London life and reflect, read and pray in a way that is less easily done on a daily basis.

Life Groups

In such a big family, where do you fit in? Life Groups are a key part of All Souls family life. Through them we support and encourage one another in our lives as Christians in the heart of the city.