Quiet Days

A time for reflective prayer and a chance to listen to His voice


Reflection and Prayer

Quiet Days are designed to give you the opportunity to give God your undivided attention, reflect on your lives in the light of his Word and respond in prayer. These days include an introductory thought from scripture and some suggested ways to spend your quiet time. After a few hours on your own, we come together for a meal, fellowship and reflection.


Quiet Days

We hold Quiet Days at regular points throughout the year as well as our annual weekend away. Be sure to check back regularly to see what's coming up.

Quiet Day
12 Sep 2020
More information to follow.
Quiet Day
21 Nov 2020
More information to follow.
Elrose Hunter and Julie Robinson, Quiet Day Coordinators at All Souls Langham Place

Elrose Hunter and Julie Robinson

Quiet Day Coordinators

Elrose and Julie are church family members who organise the All Souls Quiet Days. If you have any questions about the events or would like further information, please get in touch.


Life Groups

In such a big family, where do you fit in? Life Groups are a key part of All Souls family life. Through them we support and encourage one another in our lives as Christians in the heart of the city.