Upcoming Events 
ASO in Farnborough
Saturday 28 September
ASO rehearsal - Crowborough
18:00 Thursday 17 October
All Souls, Langham Place
ASO in Crowborough
Saturday 19 October - Sunday 20 October
ASO rehearsal - Norwich
18:00 Thursday 14 November
All Souls, Langham Place
ASO in Norwich
Saturday 16 November
ASO in Paris (tbc)
Thursday 21 November - Sunday 24 November
Launch Weekend Away
Friday 22 November - Sunday 24 November
Theobald's Estate, De Vere


 All Souls Music Ministry

Over many years All Souls Church has developed a strong reputation for its music ministry – becoming known round the UK and beyond through the activities of the All Souls Orchestra in outreach events such as Prom Praise.

Music at services

Music at the Sunday services varies; from the All Souls Orchestra to a smaller group of instrumentalists; from choir to an informal group of singers to a soloist; under the leadership of one of the All Souls Music Team, guided by Michael Andrews.  We hope that there is something for everyone, old and young, traditional or contemporary, regular member or guest.

To see when the All Souls Orchestra is playing for services at All Souls, click here.


Getting involved

There are many opportunities for those with a talent and interest in music to use their gifts in service at All Souls.  We have a large number of people on the books, but with the comings and goings of London life being what they are, we can always make space for more!
The following is a brief summary of these opportunities.  If you are interested in finding out more, please email and someone from the Music Team will contact you to give you an idea of skills and commitment required in each case.


Sunday Bands & Singing Group

Sunday by Sunday we book a small group of players to accompany the music worship.  Due to the large number of people interested in taking part, we employ a rota system so the commitment will vary.  It is worth noting that we have more of some instruments than others so frequency will vary depending on your instrument! These groups comprise of orchestral instruments, guitar, drum, piano, singers.



The All Souls Choir is an SATB group comprising of amateur singers from many different backgrounds. Meeting to rehearse each Thursday evening and committed to either morning or evening service each Sunday. Through the Choir there is also the opportunity to stretch yourself through occasional concerts. The annual All Souls Choir Carol Concert is a highlight of the All Souls music calendar, as well as combining with the All Souls Orchestra to perform in major London venues for Prom Praise.



Over the forty years of its existence the membership of the
All Souls Orchestra has extended widely and now includes members and non-members of All Souls, and has active student participation. Due to the number of players used on each occasion the Orchestra is able to include a range of abilities and ages.

See external site for more about the Orchestra and how to join.

Buy into the AS Music Sound - if you enjoy the 'All Souls Sound' or are looking for creative material for your church group to play - also look on the Orchestra's website for Music Scores - edited down from the ASO library into an accessible format for smaller groups.


Music support team

You don't have to be musical to help with the music!  There is a fair amount of back room support needed either on Sunday's or on Orchestra trips away.  Commitment to suit availability.  Get in touch to find out more.


Prom Praise and other external activities

As well as information on how to get involved in the All Souls Orchestra, go to the external site to find out the full extent of All Souls Music wider ministry activities:

-       forthcoming Prom Praise events and how to get tickets for them

-       opportunity to buy CDs, DVDs and Music Scores

-       information on the Orchestra’s education work, Prom Praise for Schools

-       and much more …