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Training Courses

At All Souls we have a number of short courses that aim at helping us both to deepen our knowledge and transform our lifestyles so that we fulfil God's purposes in and through us. We want to avoid both head knowledge that has little relevance to reality and life, and a Christian activism which is barely grounded in or shaped by truth.  

Below is a link to our year-long discipleship course.  


All Souls Springboard Logo


Springboard is our year-long discipleship programme that we recommend to everyone who is new to the church.  This is a great way to learn the basics of the faith and get more stuck into All Souls.



LICC - London Institute of Contemporary Christianity

Founded in 1982 by John Stott and friends, LICC is committed to: Empowering Christians to make a difference for Christ in our Monday to Saturday lives; Helping church leaders equip their church communities to do it, and fuelling a movement to reach and renew our nation.

 Visit their website www.licc.org.uk for information about all their courses.