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Prayer and the Sunday Prayer ministry

Prayer lies at the very heart of a Christian's relationship with the living God. It is also an area of Christian discipleship in which most of us need help. So we want to :
  • Encourage one another in the discipline and joy of daily prayer
  • Ensure it is a feature of our coming together as a church family each Sunday
After each main Service under the gallery on the BBC side of the church members of the All Souls Prayer Ministry Team are available to pray with others. They are mature, trusted members of the Church, good at keeping confidences.


All Souls Counselling Service

The All Souls counselling service is available to anyone who is part of either All Souls, the Clubhouse or Inspire church. A team of trained and supervised counsellors offer time and space to explore issues with anyone seeking to find help and support with difficulties and  distress.

The service is an integrated part of the church’s pastoral care approach and is supported by All Souls church. In order for the counselling service to continue to be viable and to provide a professional standard of counselling, everyone receiving counselling is asked to make a financial contribution to the service. We operate a sliding scale according to income. However, All Souls will not let financial difficulty prevent access to skilled help.

For more information please contact

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Healing the Hurt of Self-Harm Workshop

All Souls Counselling Service are hosting a workshop for anyone involved in counselling and pastoral care on Saturday 9th September 2017. Helen Thorne and Joel Khor will provide a personal and professional perspective on working with those who struggle with self-harm. 

Helen struggled with self-harm for many years and following her recovery has written and run training workshops on  understanding self-harm. She has an MA in Applied Theology and is currently Training and Mentoring Director for London City Mission, in addition to being involved in pastoral care in her local church.

Joel is a psychiatrist in the NHS and has significant experience applying a range of counselling models when working with self-harm in young people with eating disorders. He also has a particular interest in bringing together faith and counselling in his private practice, working closely with his local church.

Saturday 9th September 2017

9.30am - 4.30pm

Waldegrave Hall, All Souls Church, London W1B 3DA

Cost: £30


Refreshments provided but participants are asked to bring their own lunch or make use of local cafes/sandwich bars.

CPD certificates (6 hours) available upon completion.

Limited spaces available.
To book your place, please click here.

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