All Souls Project Giving

Projects and organisations we support.

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We seek to give to projects and organisations that align with our World Mission values. In our project giving we prioritise projects and organisations that:

  • Allow different parts of the church to get involved or engage a wide cross cross section of the church
  • Support national mission workers
  • Help a mix of large, potentially more well-established organisations and smaller, grass roots organisations
  • Reach people across a number of geographies

From time to time other criteria might include:

  • Organisations with a close organic link with All Souls
  • Organisations that work across denominational lines, towards greater unity in the church
  • Organisations that address particular mission trends with evidence

These criteria, together with a view of the relative level of need and opportunity for resources from other sources, will help us to prioritise specific projects and organisations.

Applications to the All Souls World Mission Fund can be made by projects and organisations that meet the following criteria:

  • A Christian organisation with whose theology and mission practice All Souls is comfortable
  • An association with All Souls through engaged involvement by All Souls members or staff
  • Organisations that take seriously working with the local church, where there is one
  • Organisations that demonstrate accountability
  • Organisations that can agree to keep in touch with All Souls to report on progress
Applying to the World Mission Fund

Applications for project funding:

  • Priority will be given to those who can demonstrate a connection with church family
  • Are assessed according to the criteria set out on the All Souls website
  • Are considered annually
  • Should be submitted to worldmission@allsouls.org by 1 September 2022. Late applications will not be considered
  • One side of A4 only
  • Any gift allocated is a one-off donation only. If further funding is needed then projects must re-apply the following year
  • Unfortunately, due to the high numbers of applications we receive, we are not able to respond to unsuccessful applications

Projects We Support

We seek to give to projects and organisations that align with our World Mission values.