Building Project

Maintaining All Souls Langham Place for future generations of worshippers.

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In 2024, All Souls will be 200 years old. Those of us worshipping here today are benefitting from the stewardship and care of previous generations. To make sure All Souls is ready to provide a gospel platform for the next 200 years, we have undertaken significant restoration work on the outside of the church.

The work took place between May 2022 and May 2023, your can find out more about the various stages of the project below.

The project was focused on the building’s exterior and included the following works:

  • Renew roof coverings which are leaking and beyond repair
  • Restore the worn and uneven front steps
  • Replace the water supply system
  • Restoration to the stonework, windows, doors and railings
  • Renew the lighting around the spire and portico
  • May 2022

    Scaffolding started to be erected towards the end of May. Once complete it will provide access to the entire exterior of the building, from ground level right up to the top of the spire! It will also include the construction of a temporary roof over the existing structure to protect the building while each and every slate tile is removed and replaced.

  • June 2022

    As the scaffolding construction continues, hoardings have also started going up around the base to secure the site. Once the hoardings are complete and fully painted it will provide opportunity for signage and messaging about All Souls’ activities and work within the local community.

    June 2022: Scaffolding construction continues, moving up towards the top of the spire.

  • September 2022

    Now that the roof is completely covered, work can begin to remove and replace the Welsh slate tiles and other roof coverings. In doing this we discovered how worn the slates really were - watch our latest update video for an insight!

    We’ve also started work to clean and restore the stonework across the exterior of the building, including the full height of the spire which will soon be scaffolded.

    September 2022: Roof slates are being removed and stonework cleaning is taking place.

  • October 2022

    The scaffolding is now complete to the very top of the spire and wrapped in preparation for stone cleaning. The new Welsh slate roof is currently being installed along with new insulation, coverings and internal roof lighting.

    Window repairs to all floors in church house are also being carried out as restoration work across the entire exterior of the building continues.

    October 2022: Scaffolding now reaches to the top of the spire.

  • January 2023

    The scaffolding is beginning to come down now that important repairs and restoration work has been completed to the roof, spire and exterior of the building.

  • March 2023

    Now the scaffolding has been taken down, work is taking place to restore the front steps, portico plinth and railings on the BBC side.


    The All Souls front steps; worn, uneven and in a bad state of repair.

  • May 2023

    On Saturday 13 May 2023, the All Souls Langham Place 2024 exterior building project was officially completed. We have successfully undertaken essential restoration works on the exterior of the building with a new slate roof lined in lead, stone repairs from the bottom step to the spire tip and installed state of the art exterior lighting.

    We are delighted to continue using the building for our numerous and various ministries, for His kingdom and glory.

Donate to the Project

Maintaining Grade I listed buildings like ours takes investment. We originally estimated the programme would cost in the region of £1.3 million but due to the rise in costs of building materials and maintenance, a further £900,000 was needed to fully cover the costs of the project. This was a significant sum to raise but we know that our generous God can provide.

There is still an opportunity to donate so please would you join us in supporting this project.

Thank You for Your Generosity!

We are incredibly grateful for all who have given to the 2024 fund, including the following trusts and foundations who have made a valuable contribution to the project:

Ardfoyle Trust
Beatrice Laing Trust
Benefact Trust
Fullerton Foundation
Garfield Weston Foundation
De Walden Family Trust