baptisms, Weddings and Funerals

As a parish church we hold baptisms, weddings, funerals and memorial services.  As these can require both a great deal of planning and, in the case of marriage a legal entitlement to use the church we strongly advise that you get in touch to discuss your plans.

Listed below is some information about weddings at All Souls.  For further information, or to discuss baptism or funeral plans please contact us

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Enquiring about weddings at All Souls?


Most Important …

The most important question about getting married is not where the wedding takes place. Clearly the vital part is your relationship and whether it is growing towards a lasting, healthy and, for many, a Christian marriage. But once the decision is taken here is some practical information about weddings in All Souls.


The First Step …

Find out whether you qualify for a marriage service in All Souls by phoning 020 7580 3522 and arranging to speak to the Rector's PA. She will take contact details and ask the necessary questions. No dates are discussed at this stage.




People legally entitled to get married here are …


  • Those who are already active members of All Souls, having attended regularly for the last 6 months or more. They can apply to join the church’s Electoral Roll.

  • Someone who actually lives within the boundaries of the Parish of All Souls.

  • Someone with evidence of certain family or personal ties with All Souls.


A few questions …


Q. What about anyone divorced with his or her former partner still living?


A. The Church of England offers marriage in church to those seeking their first marriage, so any couple where one has been divorced is invited to have a conversation with one of the Ministers who can explain the position and any possibilities. The Rector's PA will be pleased to arrange that conversation.

Q.  What about those enquiring who are not British?

A. Applications for a Marriage Licence are referred to the Church of England’s legal department in London. The contact details are provided by the Rector's PA.


Q.  An idea of the cost?


A. The basic charge for a wedding (currently just under £450) is fixed by the Church of England nationally. Further fees, for musicians, PA, etc are added by the church council. A list of fees is included in the booking pack. Banns read in other churches or Licenses are charged separately.


Highly Recommended

  • Make your church booking first, and then the reception venue afterwards. Otherwise disappointments and practical difficulties can arise.
  • When arranging a date, discuss dates with the All Souls Minister you want to take the Service, as well as finding out when the church is available.
  • The marriage service is always best when it happens in the familiar surroundings of the couples’ spiritual or family home church. The church is far more than simply a convenient venue.
  • Anyone living in the parish not already attending All Souls is encouraged to come to the Services beforehand (9.30, 11.30 or 6.30 Sundays) and take advantage of the midweek ‘Christianity Explored’ course.
  • Marriage Preparation is provided for those getting married here, and for other members of All Souls holding their weddings elsewhere. Please email: for dates and other details.