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Subscribing To The All Souls Feed On The Prayermate App

The Prayermate App can be used to subscribe to prayer feeds and you can also create your own prayer points so everything you need for your prayer time is in one place. If you decide to use Prayermate you will receive the same prayer points on your device each day as are on the Prayer Diary. You can download a pdf of the prayer diary from here.

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Finding the All Souls Prayer Diary feed on Prayermate

  1. Tap the Settings cog in the top right corner
  2. Select
    1. Subscribe to online content
    2. Churches
    3. UK Churches
    4. All Souls Langham Place
  3. Tap Subscribe to feed
  4. Select the category you want All Souls Church prayer points to appear in
  5. Read the pop up message and then dismiss
  6. Exit settings
  7. When you scroll through the prayer cards you will find a card for All Souls Church