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We've uploaded some of the documents that we use in world mission at All Souls, in the hope that these may be helpful for other churches for use, adaption or comparison. Please do feel free to contact us at worldmission@allsouls.org.

Long Term Mission
  1. Mission Partnership Agreement
Pro-forma's and policy documents for our long term mission activities are available on request.

Short Term Mission (Wet Foot)
  1. Notes for potential Wet Foot hosts
  2. Our general Wet Foot leaflet
  3. An example information sheet for a Wet Foot trip
  4. Our Wet Foot application form
  5. Our Wet Foot reference request form
  6. Our Wet Foot interview questions
  7. Our Wet Foot flights and insurance form
  8. Our Wet Foot leaders manual
  9. Our Wet Foot guidelines for 'link people'
  10. Our Wet Foot debriefers guide
  11. Our Wet Foot personal assessment review form