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The two Spring titles for 2011 have been chosen to fit in with our Biblefresh theme for the year.  Both focus us on the Bible and help us develop our devotional reading of it.
The first, 'Eat This Book' encourages and helps us read the Bible not for information but for transformation and life. Throughout the book, Eugene Peterson unpacks the lost art of 'spiritual reading' - that is 'reading that enters our souls as food enters our stomachs, spreads through our blood and becomes holiness love and wisdom'.
The second recommendation 'Signposts' helps us put 'spiritual reading into practice as it takes us through the Psalms'. As we journey through the book, we are taught not just how to read the Psalms  but our souls are fed through its great truths.

Using the books

Both books together prove a powerful combination which can revitalise our daily reading of God's Word and our suggestion is that they be used in conjunction with one another.
'Eat this Book' would be a great book to read and discuss with others, either in groups or in pairs. During the Summer Term, we will be using the book as the basis of our Fellowship Group Studies (We'd therefore encourage everyone in Fellowship Groups to read this book!). 'Signposts' is set up as a devotional book and can be used for daily Quiet Times.
Our hope is that these books will help us grow in our delight in God's Word and refresh and deepen our Bible reading. (Author: )

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