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Located in the Waldegrave Hall, underneath the Church, The All Souls Resources Centre is made available to serve two groups of people - those enquiring about the Christian faith as well as those who are Christians already.  Titles on display are chosen with care following advice and recommendation from All Souls Ministry Team members.   The books tie in with current sermon series, topical issues in the public square, training courses and small Bible Study groups.

Resources Centre Opening Times on Sundays

10.45am-11.25am (after 9.30am Service)
12.45pm-1.30pm (after 11.30am Service)
7.45pm-8.30pm (after 6.30pm Service)

Range of Stock

Across all four arch displays there are titles to help provide answers from the Bible to many of the big questions relating to suffering, the meaning of life, the Person of Jesus, and the Bible itself.  In addition there are Bible Study materials for personal devotion alongside more in-depth commentaries, Christian biographies, books on Global outlook matters, pastoral and general discipleship books and copies of the NIV Bible (2011) - which is the pew Bible in the Church upstairs.  Additionally there are Music CDs and DVDs.

Recommended Books

We've suggested a number of books that would be helpful including:

'Teach Us to Pray'

Tying in with a number of series of sermons on prayer in 2013, you will find books on prayer to help with daily encouragement for personal prayer, or aids for further study or refreshment in group prayer.  You can catch up on any of the archived audio sermon series on prayer by visiting the All Souls Sermons page and simply type in the word 'prayer' in the search box.

'Staff Recommendations'


A recent introduction has been handwritten staff recommendations of a number of titles - and these are located next to the Resources on the shelves.

All Souls Serving Partners on duty

All those on duty are members of the Church who have an interest in sharing Christian Resources with others.
  (Author: )

Articles in this group

Recommended Reading - Enquirers
Recommended Reading - Enquirers (Author: )

Recommended Reading - General
Recommended Reading - General (Author: )

Recommended Reading - Pastoral
Recommended Reading - Pastoral (Author: )

John Stott - A portrait by his friends
New Book March 2011 (Author: )

Books of the Quarter
Books of the Quarter (Author: )

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