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A011 Jeremiah: Prophet For Today | A013 Daniel the Lionheart | A014 Exodus | A015 Elijah, Man of God | A016 The Book of Ruth | A020 Present your body | A021 Jonah - the Reluctant Prophet | A022 Studies in Genesis | A023 Foundation Figures of the Bible (Lessons fro | A024 Over the Border | A025 The Cry for Justice | A026 Proverbial Profiles | A028 Portrait of a Prophet | A029 Majoring on the Minors | A030 Faith on the Anvil | A032 Life Without God | A034 Crisis of Confidence (Studies in the Leaders | A035 Straight from the Heart(The Message of the P | A036 A Walk through the Old Testament | A037 Words from the Mountain (Studies in the Ten | A038 Faith in an Age of recession | A039 A Window on Love (Studies from the Song of S | A040 Decline and Fall (Studies of the Old Testame | A041 Two Women and God (Studies in the Book of Ru | A042 The Good Life | A043 Trusting God in Troubled times | A044 Our human cradle | A045 Christ in the Psalms | A046 The Coming day of the Lord (Studies in the B | A047 Travelling with God (Studies in the Book of | A048 Unfinished Business (Studies in the Book of | A049 Flawed Heroes | A050 Hope in Despair | A051 No Way but God's Way | A052 A Kingdom is born | A053 The Prophet of Hope | A054 The Stone that became a mountain | A055 Journey of a Lifetime (Themes from Exodus) | A056 King, Servant, Conqueror (Isaiah's Portrait | A057 Questions for God (The Message of Habakkuk) | A058 Rebuilding a Nation (Themes from Ezra) | A059 Preachers to the Nations | A060 Who Writes History? | A061 Salvation's Two Lenses | A062 Beginnings | A063 The House That God Built | A064 The Avenger Has Come | A065 The Prophet of the Heart | A066 Prevailing in Prayer | A067 The Hope in the Past for the Future | A068 Building the Church | A069 When Time is Running Out | A070 The Dawn of World Redemption | A071 I Saw Christ's Glory (Sermons from Isaiah) | A072 Not By Bread Alone (Sermons from Deuteronomy | A073 Dialogue with God (Sermons from the Prophecy | A074 Endurance in an Instant Society (Psalms of D | A075 Wonders in the Wilderness (The Gospel in the | A076 Kingdoms in Crisis (Sermons from the Book of | A077 Behold Your Coming King (Sermons from the Pr | A078 The Kingdom That is For Ever | A079 Entering Into the Promises (Sermons from the | A080 Who is the Real King? | A081 Two Ways to Live (Studies in the Psalms) | A082 Faith in the Dark (Sermons from the Book of | A083 Then You Will Know That I Am God | A084 The Date is Set | A085 The Lord Reigns | A086 Men Behaving Badly? | A087 Homeward Bound | A088 The Day of the Lord | A089 Love Story | A090 God and Israel - A stormy relationship | A091 The Invisible Hand of God | A092 Our Amazing God | A093 That's Life ? | A094 Joseph | A095 Wise Up! Proverbial Wisdom | A096 The Great Escape | A097 Your Light has come | A098 Dangerous Questions for Grumblers | A099 Ask an honest question, get an honest answer | A100 I Wish I had your Faith | A101 Pilgrim Songs | A102 Unto us a Child is born | A103 Faithful Under Fire | A104 Time to build | A105 Visions that Turned the World Upside Down | A106 The Wisdom and The Folly | A107 A Light to Our Path | A108 Wisdom Series | A109 Happy New Year | A110 The Reluctant Missionary | A111 Chronicles of the Kings | A112 Wisdom's Cry | A113 Why?Why?Why? | A114 A God Worth Praying To | B004 This is the Gospel | B009 After the Resurrection | B010 A Foundation Text | B011 Jesus is Lord | B012 The Authentic Jesus | B014 Knowing God | B015 The Supremacy of Jesus | B016 Who is the Holy Spirit? | B017 God Became Human | B018 Three Christian Acclamations | B019 Think of a Word (Great Words of Salvation) | B020 Follow the Rock (The Birth Pains of Christ's | B021 I Believe (Christ in our Creed) | B022 Why Bother About Christmas? | B023 Trinitarian Truth | B024 New Life New Lifestyle | B025 The God Who Gives | B026 The God Who Guides | B027 Prayer Masterclass | B028 Substitute at Work | B029 The Confidence of the Cross | B030 Truths Worth Dying For | B031 The Born (Again) Identity | C002 Only One Gospel | C004 Guard the Gospel | C007 Some Christian Relationships | C010 Ephesians Series | C011 2 Corinthians | C012 Faith | C016 Good News | C020 Church Leaders: Take Note! | C021 Read Mark | C024 Time is running out | C026 Letters to the Seven Churches | C028 John's Gospel | C032 Getting It Straight | C033 Order! Order! | C034 Jesus- the Final Word | C035 A Belief that Behaves (Studies in 1 Thessalo | C037 One God One People | C038 And Finally | C041 The Christ-like Church | C042 Mark - The Way of Jesus | C043 Maintaining the Heartbeat | C044 Growing in Truth | C045 A Faith That Works | C046 Words That Travelled | C047 The Believer's Portrait | C048 The Gospel for the Whole World | C049 To Me To Live is Christ | C050 Handing on the Torch | C051 Right at the Centre | C052 John's Easter | C053 Keeping a Church on the Rails | C054 Christ is Surely Coming | C055 We Have Beheld His Glory | C056 Christ for the World | C057 Parables from Luke | C058 The Tests of Life | C059 The Spreading Flame | C060 Living in the Light of the Gospel | C061 Our Christian Identity (Some Metaphors from | C062 A Collision of Kingdoms (When Christ Confron | C063 The Lamb Wins (Studies in the book of Revela | C064 Saviour of the World (The Birth of Christ) | C065 Seeing is Believing - or is it? (The Seven S | C066 A Better Way (The Call to Persevere, from He | C068 Behold the King (Christmas from Matthew's Go | C069 The Only Gospel | C070 The Mystery of the Kingdom | C071 Stay on Track | C072 Who is This?(Profiles from Luke 4 and 5) | C073 What Sort of Church Are We? | C074 Walking With the Son of God | C075 A Day That Changed the World (Studies from L | C076 There are no Goodbyes (Jesus reassures his f | C077 Right on to Glory (Travelling With Jesus in | C078 The Life of the Local Church | C079 The Present in the Light of the End | C080 A Reversal of Values | C081 Christians Under Pressure | C082 Master of the World | C083 Dr Luke's Casebook (Character Studies in Act | C084 Paul to Timothy (Apostolic Instructions in 1 | C085 Credible Christians | C086 Cameos of the End-Times (Four Parables) | C087 Brought together in Christ | C088 Turning Weakness into Strength | C089 The Four Faces of Christ (Studies from the F | C090 Understanding It Backwards (Drawing Lessons | C091 Master of the World | C092 When Heaven Opened (Sermons for Advent from | C093 The Glorious King | C094 Questions for the Saints | C095 The Master Class (The Sermon on the Mount) | C096 Face to Face (Encounters in John's Gospel) | C097 The Road to Destiny | C098 As The Cross Approaches | C099 Christians At Work (Sermons from the Shorter | C100 A Universal Faith | C101 The Future Belongs to Jesus | C102 The God Who Comes | C103 Service With Carols | C104 The Gospel Manifesto | C105 Approaching Easter | C106 Jesus and His Followers (Sermons from Mark) | C107 Who can come to God? | C108 Keep the Faith (Sermons from 2 Timothy) | C109 Christ Over All | C110 An Evangelist Writes From Prison | C111 Face to Face (Interviews with Jesus in John' | C112 At the Centre of the Kingdom (The Sermon on | C113 The Glorious Church of God (Sermons on the L | C114 The Church Reaches Out (The Story of the Ear | C115 When Truth Gets Hijacked | C116 A Church's New Year Resolutions | C117 Destined to Die (In the Steps of Christ's Gl | C118 Fools For Christ (The Preaching of the Apost | C119 Gospel Questions and Answers (Sermons from M | C120 Investigate Jesus (The Ministry of Jesus in | C121 Straightening Out a Crooked Church (Sermons | C122 Christ the All Supreme | C123 The Universal Jesus (Eight great claims from | C124 Meekness is Strength | C125 Marks of a Christ-like Church (Sermons on Re | C126 Words of Life (The Passion of Christ from Jo | C127 Here Comes the Son (Sermons on 2 Thessalonia | C128 Big Questions of Life (Sermons on the Gospel | C129 'The Real Deal' | C130 Matthew's Passion | C131 Strangers in the World | C132 Bite-Size Books | C133 Jesus: Up Close and Personal | C134 Vital Marks of the Spirit | C135 Life as God Planned it | C136 When Darkness Reigns | C137 Jesus Christ - the be all and end all | C138 The Cross, the Church and the Culture | C139 Authentic Christianity? | C140 Discipleship Masterclass | C141 Sex, Lies and 1 Corinthians | C142 Turning the World Upsidedown | C143 The God Who Appeared | C144 Jesus: Triumph or Tragedy? | C145 Christ's Continuing Ministry | C146 Freedom, Cultures and Gospel | C147 The Gospel for Europe | C148 Christmas is... | C149 Special Services | C150 Joy in a Stressed Out World | C151 Easter Service | C152 Easter Truths | C153 Easter Stories | C154 The Blessings of the Kingdom | C155 A Passion for People | C156 Catching Heaven's Passion | C157 Jesus-the Messiah for all | C158 EASTER SUNDAY 2010 | C159 The Risen Jesus Appears | C160 From Ascension to Pentecost | C161 Let's Get Real! | C162 Faith's National Portrait Gallery | C163 Sent by the Spirit | C164 A Future Worth Living For | C165 What Kind of Man is This? | C166 Gospel Freedom | C167 Final Words For Friends | C168 The First and the Last | C169 Pentecost Sunday | C170 The Growing Church | C171 The Power of Weakness | C172 Revelation Series | C173 Guarding the Gospel in Today's World | C174 Epiphany: In Danger from the Start | C175 God's Fellow-Workers | C176 Praise Be! | C177 The Last Days and the Last Day | C178 The Power of Weakness | C179 The Majestic Sovereign God | C180 A Hope to Live For | C181 A Sting in the Tale | C182 News Worth Hearing | C183 Lord Teach Us To Pray | C184 A Gospel for Today's World | C185 The Way of the Cross | C186 Conformist or Christian? | D005 The Church of Jesus Christ | D008 Five Things Christ will destroy | D010 The Cross is the Centre | D011 Response to the Resurrection | D015 The End of the World | D017 Cross Purposes | D018 Jesus and the Resurrection | D020 Coming Soon | D021 Miracles | D022 Your Kingdom Come | D023 Great Bible Words | D024 Nothing But The Truth | D025 What on Earth is the Church? | D026 The Cross in the Old Testament | D027 Questions on the Resurrection | D028 Christian Assurance | D029 Showing the Spirit ( A Study of 1 Corinthian | D030 Christ is Coming | D031 Christ is Risen ! So What? | D032 What are the 39 Article? (Issues of Church C | D033 Power to the People (Studies on the Holy Spi | D034 Christ is the Final Word | D035 The Incarnation | D036 What on Earth is Going On?(The Bible's Big P | D037 What Does the Bible Say (Questions of Life a | D038 Your Kingdom Come | D039 The Songs of Christ's Coming (Sermons for Ad | D040 What Do You Want For Christmas? | D041 Christ in the Carols | D042 Dr Luke's Advent Calendar | D043 The Gospel of Resurrection (Sermons for East | D044 The Prophet's Christmas Present | D045 The Last Word on God? | D046 A God's-Eye View of Our World | D047 Easter in the Old Testament | D048 Jesus on the Holy Spirit | D049 Has God Given Up on the World? | D050 Christmas Cards from Paul | D051 Gospel Talk: Learning the Language | D052 Christian, What Do you Believe? | D053 Son of Man | D054 The God Who is Able | D055 Living Right with God | D056 The Christian Life in 4 Words | E001 Guest Services | E001 Recent Guest Services | E001 What's Worth More Than Gold? | E002 Tensions in the Christian Experience | E003 Freedom | E012 The Imitation of Christ | E014 The Christ-Centred Christian | E016 The Bible: Book for Today | E017 For the Common Good | E018 Spirituality | E019 We Call Him Father | E020 Day by Day | E022 Vital Questions | E023 Topsy-Turvy Teaching | E025 The Bible | E028 Freedom and Suffering - Life in the Spirit | E029 A Reasonable Faith | E031 The Law of Fellowship | E033 The Integrated Christian | E034 Whatever Happened to God? | E035 Investigating Jesus | E036 Who is This Jesus? | E037 Hard Sayings of Jesus | E038 Growing as a Christian | E039 Living with Danger | E040 Encounters With Jesus | E041 One Life to Live | E042 Has Anyone Ever Told You About... | E043 The Best of Friends (Studies in Relationship | E044 The Christian Minister | E045 For the Love of Money | E046 The Christian Life | E047 Our Christian Confidence | E048 Just As I Am (Portraits of New Testament Eva | E049 Take My Plastic (The Credit Card Culture) | E050 The Birds Our Teachers | E051 The Man Behind the Millennium | E052 The Faithful Witnesses | E053 Is There Anything More Than This? | E054 The Imitation of Christ | E055 When I Survey ... (The Impact of the Cross) | E056 When God's People Pray | E057 These Three Remain | E058 The Integrated Christian | E059 Gospel Sacrifices | E060 The Lord's Prayer | E061 The Surprise of New Life | E062 Resurrection Commands | E063 Money and the Kingdom | E064 The X Factor | E065 Easter Services | E066 Why Easter Matters | E067 5 Reasons Why This Baby Matters | E068 Table Talk | E069 The Marks of the Christian | E070 Living Under Authority | E071 Jesus the Gift of Hope | E072 Hark the Herald Angels Sing | E073 UNWRAPPED: 'An inside look at Christmas' | G004 Issues Facing Christians Today | G005 The Dangers of Being Religious | G007 Why I Am A Christian? | G008 Easter Encounters | G009 The Fourfold Portrait | G010 Christmas Praise | G011 Great Festivals | G012 West End Faith | G013 The 'Rights' of Christmas | G014 Peter's Easter | G017 People in Prayer | G018 Knots Untied | G020 Were You There(Studies on the Cross) | G021 A Call To Loyalty (Studies in 2 Timothy) | G022 Meeting With Jesus | G023 The Christian Wardrobe | G024 Light in a Dark World | G025 Focused Living | G026 As at the Beginning | G027 The Bible Speaks Today (Issues of Topical Co | G028 Alone with God (The How and Why of Time with | G029 The Call of God (Lambeth Conference Themes) | G030 Great Quotes of the 20th Century | G031 Workplace Sunday | G032 Lessons From the World-Wide Church | G033 True Religion | G034 Lessons in Discipleship | G035 Love Actually | G036 The Values of Gospel Partnership | G037 World Focus Sunday | G038 Workplace Sunday | G039 The God I don't Understand | G040 Has God Failed? | G041 World Focus Sunday | G042 Too Good to Keep Quiet | G043 Workplace Sunday (Advice from the Boss) | G044 In The Hot Seat - Questions for the modern b | G046 Workplace Sunday | G047 Cash and the Christian | G048 Workplace Sunday | G049 God, Sex and the Modern World | G050 Urban Myths of London Life | G051 When Christians Disagree | G052 Workplace Sunday | H001 Miscellaneous Occasional Series | H002 No man is an Island | H006 The Last Word | H007 Quote-Misquote (Some Popular Assumptions) | H008 Here I Stand | H009 Special Services | H009 Thanksgiving and Gift Days | H009 Olympic Specials | H009 Great Lies of Our Time | H009 Easter Services | H009 Palm Sunday Surprises | H009 Exposition from Psalms | H009 CHRISTMAS PEACE | H010 A Fresh Start to the Year | H011 The Time of Your Life | H012 The Easter Experience | H013 Christmas Services | H014 New Year Services | H015 Easter Services | H016 Good Friday Services | H017 Right at the Centre | H019 Life and How to handle it | H022 Guest Services | H024 Temporary Christmas and New Year Services | HY01 Youth Led Services | J013 Popular Alternatives to the Gospel | Recent Guest Services | Partnership Sundays | World Mission Sundays | H009 A Light for the Nations | H009 God rules in The Middle East | H009 Partnership Sunday | H009 World Mission Sunday | H009 Easter Service | C187 The Holy Spirit Series | H009 Pentecost Sunday | H009 Christians Facing Issues Today | G053 Workplace Sunday | A115 Inheriting the Promise | C188 Godliness Series | C189 Teaching with a twist | H009 Your Enemy the Devil | C190 Contend for the Faith | C191 Commitment of a Lving Church | C192 The Importance of Prayer | C193- 'Uncover' - The Jesus Story | E001 'Uncover'- Any Answers to Big Questions? | C194 The Angel's Christmas | C195 I Have Kept the Faith | E001 Real Lives | C196 Matthew's Passion | A116 The Lord is My Shepherd


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