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All Souls Staff & leadership

The various members of the All Souls staff teams are listed below. Please see the relevant websites for details of staff members at associate organisations such as Inspire church plant, Christianity Explored and Langham Partnership.

Ministry Team

TnT Africa Publishing
Brenda Beckett
Minister (Workplace)
Charmaine Muir
Senior Minister (Pastoral & Fellowship Groups)
Dan Wells
Minister (Students)
Hannah Hawksbee
Hugh Palmer
Director of Counselling
Joanna Jackson
Senior Minister (Students)
Jonny Dyer
Clubhouse Vicar
Luke Ijaz
Senior Minister (Apprentices)
Melinda Hendry
Director of Operations
Monty Erskine
Director of Music
Noel Tredinnick
Music Pastor
Paul Enns
Student Worker
Peter McMahon
Senior Minister (Evangelism)
Rico Tice
Senior Minister (Springboard)
Steve Nichols
Minister (Youth)
Trevor Pearce

Honorary Curate

Honorary Curate
Mark Meynell
International Ministries Director, Langham
Chris Wright

Church Officers

Lay Reader
David Turner
Church Warden
Louise Gibson
Church Warden
Martin Mills
Michael Hall

Admin Team

Church Assistant
Ben Kirkpatrick
Church Assistant
Eleanor Bennett
Church Assistant
Fay Breed
Church Assistant
Hannah McElhinny
Church Assistant
Hannah Mead
Church Assistant
Josh Hill
Database and Admin Manager
Aileen Austin
Finance Manager
Ash Martin
Technical Specialist
Chris Ferguson
Parish Support and HR Coordinator
Chwee Lee
Finance Assistant
Claudineia Rodrigues-Larkin
Wedding Coordinator
Dominique Viljoen
Buildings Administrator
Duncan Dunsmore-Rouse
Serving Coordinator
Fiona Ochan
Personal Assistant to the Evangelism Minister
Grace McDowell
Facilities Coordinator
Kirstie Reid
Catering Manager
Mercedes Prendergast
Administrative Assistant
Miranda Lewis
Director of Operations
Monty Erskine
Resources Manager
Pam Glover
Bookings and Website Coordinator
Peter Haskew
Technology Coordinator
Philip Grove
Personal Assistant to the Rector
Ramona Ramsahadeo
Church Cleaner
Rodrigo Espirito
Media & Graphics Specialist
Tuuli Platner
Assistant Finance Manager
Verena Olby

All Souls Music (Langham Arts)

Music Coordinator
Claire Jackson
Music Ministry Worker
David Hatch
Music Events Coordinator
Helen Byrom
General Manager
Janet O'Brien
All Souls Orchestra Online Publishing Editor
Joanna Gill
Music Finance Assistant
Kim Toh
Director of Music
Noel Tredinnick
Organist/Choir Master
Ollie Nicolson
Music Pastor
Paul Enns

Serve The City

Clubhouse Caretaker
Brian Higgins
Clubhouse Chef/Cleaner
Jane Behan
Addiction Worker
John Childress
School Coordinator
Kate Sharp
ASLAN Manager
Katie Huggins
Clubhouse Vicar
Luke Ijaz
Visiting ASLAN Coordinator
Petra Zimmermann
ASLAN Administrator
Sharon Whitmarsh
Tamar Coordinator
Tamar Coordinator


Apprentice - Pastoral
Alastair Gledhill
Apprentice - Students
Alex Duignan
Apprentice - ASLAN
Alex Lee
Apprentice - CZone
Amy McBirnie
Apprentice - 20s & 30s
Caroline Millar
Apprentice - World Mission
Erik Engberg
Apprentice - Students
Eva McGrath
Apprentice - Youth
Freddie Rutherford
Apprentice - Pastoral
Hibist Mesfin
Apprentice - Students
Jacob Durham-Moran
Apprentice - Students
Laura Elworthy
Apprentice - Springboard
Seza Mekhdjian