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Partnership at All Souls Church


Each year we take time out on one Sunday to reflect on what it means to be part of God's wider church family, to commit ourselves to the Gospel work happening through All Souls and to encourage each other through serving together.  We are committed to building an international community to reach a multicultural society for Christ.  If All Souls is your church home, whether it is for a year or two whilst in London, or longer we would urge you to consider partnering together with us.  Our Partnership Sunday in 2015 is on Sunday 18 January.

Partnership is...

  • A healthy recognition of the reality of church and our partnership in the gospel.
  • A public identification that we see ourselves as part of this church family.
  • An important help to keeping in touch with each other easily and running the church more effectively.

As All Souls Partners we corporately commit to...

  • Come together to learn to live Christ across our separate networks
  • Send out to serve and speak Christ along our different networks
  • Send on to work and witness for Christ in new networks.

As All Souls Partners we personally commit to...

  • Submit our whole lives to Christ as Lord and Saviour
  • Meet together in services and small groups
  • Pray regularly
  • Learn through Bible study and training
  • Serve Christ and one another
  • Give our gifts - financial, practical and spiritual   

Partnership Video 2016

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Ambassadors for Christ

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To tell us about your interest in becoming an Ambassador for Christ please tick the box in your profile alongside the Partnership tick boxes, following the instructions below. If you do not have an All Souls login you can still register your interest by clicking here and filling in your contact details.

Become a 2016 Partner

Partnership Sunday is on 17 January. How to become an All Souls 2016 partner now:

• Log-in using your login details. If you have forgotten your username and/or password there
   is a video link below to help you retrieve them
• Click on one of the blue Partnership buttons
• Check that your profile information is correct and update as
• Scroll down to the new Partnership tick boxes at the end of
   the page and tick the boxes as you commit yourself to partner
   with us this year

Please note, boxes with an * must be ticked in order for your Partnership to be renewed.

• Re-enter your password at the bottom of the page and tap ‘Save Changes’

Click on the following links to access short videos to help you as you use the website
Logging in (and a few of the benefits)
Resetting your username/password if forgotten